Forex Trading Masterclass

Forex Trading Masterclass

Only Course you need to become Successful in trading. We will Guide you from the bottom and take you to the top level of trading.



14 h, 10 m

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Course Level

What You’ll Learn

In this course, you will learn each and everything about the Trading whether it's Forex, Crypto or Stock you will understand Basic to Advance level of trading. We will teach you every aspect of the market and in the end you have live trading classes where we will risk our real money to teach you how to trade in real world.

Material Includes


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What is Forex & Types of Forex Traders

Currency Pairs

Currency Pairs Categories

Sessions in Forex Trading

Forex Market Players

Spot Price, Bid and Ask Prices and Spreads



Pip value and profit made calculation


Stoploss and Take Profit

Orders and Types of Orders in Forex Trading

Who is a Broker

A book and B book Brokers

Types of Trading Accounts

Market Analysis

Charting + Trading Programs


Trading View

Candles and Candle stick Charts

The Trend Law in Forex Trading

Support and Resistance Levels

Supply and Demand Zones


Chart patterns

Double, Triple tops and bottoms

Heads and shoulders, Inverted heads and shoulders

Symmetrical triangles

Ascending and Descending Triangles

Ascending, Descending and Horizontal Channels

08. Technical Analysis - Candlestick Patterns

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